Friday, September 19, 2014

Google 360 Business View Introduction

Google Business View + Vu Studios 360-V-TOURS

Your key to better results In Organic Google Search Results.

Look For The Sign Of The Google Business View Badge - So You Can Hire Your CERTIFIED PRO TODAY!

Google teamed with Vu Studios 360-V-TOURS to bring you Business View. We shoot a Google Street View style virtual tour walkthrough inside your business and place it right in Google Search Results, Maps and Places. This will significantly enhance your organic results from Google and your bottom line. It is the perfect compliment to our website tours.
  1. Add a virtual tour - Bring your business to life: create a 360-degree, interactive tour. Showcase all the details that your customers love. Perfect for restaurants, retail shops, gyms, salons, and more!
  2. Engage your customers - With Business View, your customers can enjoy a virtual walk around, explore, and interact with your business like never before, from anywhere in the world. Customers will be able to truly experience your business - just like being there!
  3. Share with the world - These images appear in Google searches, Google Maps, and Google+ Local, now you can easily embed panoramic photos on your own website, social media pages, and more!
A great introduction to Google Business View and what it can do for you:

Why Choose Vu Studios 360-V-TOURS ?
Only a Google certified "Trusted Photographer" such as Kathrin Axer of Vu Studios 360-V-TOURS can provide this level of service. Kathrin has won major awards for both her real estate virtual tour productions and publishing her still photography. She brings both sets of skill into play when creating the most effective experiential media for you. Especially valuable is our ability to produce both a Google Virtual Tour and a more advanced Website tour for you and persuasive still photography. This maximizes your search visibility and interaction and the effectiveness of your marketing message once people get to your site.
For a free consultation and estimate please call Ron at (239) 228-9300 or email Ron Abboud

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Call 239-228-9300 when you need a Google Business View Shoot or a Google 360 tour of your business

September 19, 2014 at 4:29 AM  
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