Sunday, June 3, 2012

Is Your Web Design - Mobile Ready

Is Your Web Site Mobile Ready? Why should you care?! It is predicted, that by July 2013 that a staggering 75% of all internet searches will be performed on Mobile Devices. And thus concludes a web site not optimized for the smaller screen browsers and formats will become a market barrier for their owners. As of 2011 many mobile users including 25% of the US users don’t use desktops, laptops or tablets to access the web. Furthermore Googles new algorithm is designed to detect mobile ready websites. Therefore any website that is not mobile ready will loose rank to mobile ready websites of the same content. The bounce rate, for a site that is not mobile optimized is above 92%. It is a good practice, to make the content on your site, user-friendly for all devices. Using Naples Web Design You Can Test your site now: (DIY) Open your website using your cell phone, if the text is microscopic, then it is not mobile ready! Open this site, which is mobile ready, ( Please note that it will resize to fit any device that it comes in contact with. Also, it does not redirected to another URL, for example this is also known as a 301 redirect, not so good in Googles eyes. If your current web designer does not have a mobile site do not take any chances, go with the mobile ready website overhaul pros at Vu Studios you can make your naples web design a reality. If you were looking for a search engine ranking edge against your competition, we are it. It is said by some that Google has already begun ranking mobile ready websites above older more establish legacy web sites. Please Google the search term “website overhaul”. We created this site May 5th 2012 now it is ranked nationally on page 2 on Google. This one proof that MOBILE READY sites are ranking better than non-MOBILE RADY sites. All our websites are mobile ready out of the box. Act now for our summer special and get a website overhaul for $1399 that is up to 20 pages. Or if you are on a tighter budget and only need a few pages, then take advantage of our summer special, minimum 3 pages and database setup for $350. Add additional pages for $100 per page. Get your WEBSITE OVERHAUL on and get MOBILE READY today! Do not delay. Call 402-290-9000

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